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Many businesses take advantage of Cass County Electric Cooperative's low off-peak rates by managing their peak consumption during criWest Acres Malltical peak periods. Most often, a standby generator is used that will automatically transfer power off of the utility, saving the member thousands of dollars each year in power costs. This savings is maximized with the Incremental Pricing Plan, which saves you money by purchasing higher priced yellow zone energy for you when it is too expensive to run a standby generator. Actual savings vary widely, but in most cases, the generator can be completely paid for in offset electricity costs in a short amount of time.

If you'd like to join other businesses who take advantage of this great program, learn more by contacting Paul Mathys.

Paul Matthys
Key Accounts Executive

Rebate Program

Interconnection Process for Generation Systems

Power lines in wheat fieldElectrical distribution system design varies widely from that required to serve the rural member vs that needed to serve the large commercial member. In establishing a generation interconnection standard, there are three main issues that must be addressed: safety, economics and reliability.

The following documents have been prepared to explain the process to interconnect a generation system with Cass County Electric Cooperative.They contain general overview information, including the process that needs to be followed to connect a generation system to CCEC's system, as well as the technical requirements that need to be followed. The documents can be downloaded as one complete document or individually by sections. These sections are labeled as appendices to the main process document. There are two forms that request data from a member who intends to interconnect a generation system to CCEC's system. Both of these forms can be downloaded in electronic form and the data blanks filled in electronically. If you have any questions regarding the interconnection of a generation system to CCEC's system, please call CCEC Transmission & Distribution Services Division at 701-356-4400 (toll-free at 1-800-248-3292 ) or email CCEC at

Interconnection Process for Generation Systems Booklet

Application for Interconnection of Generation System

Engineering data Submittal for the Interconnection of Generation Systems

Interconnection Quick Checklist

Interconnection Agreement for Generation Systems

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