Load Control for Farms

Grain dryerFarmers and producers can take advantage of off-peak programs with their grain sites and irrigation systems. Today's programs are less restrictive than in the past, in large part because of the flexibility added by the Incremental Pricing Plan.

Grain sites on the off-peak program have a red and yellow light that will automatically come on during peak periods, along with direct control of bin fans, dryers and grain handling equipment. The grower can then elect to override the control, if power is needed at the site, and the lights indicate which billing condition exists.

Irrigation programs work in a similar way, but without the lights. Selector switches can be engaged to control on only red zone conditions, for example, if water needs are deemed too critical for peak power interruption.

If you would like to save money with off-peak on your grain site or irrigation account, please contact us at 701-356-4400.

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