Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up is a program that rounds up members' monthly electric bills to the next whole dollar amount. The resulting funds are put into a special account used to assist local individuals and non-profit organizations with crucial needs. Some of these needs are food, shelter, clothing, health care, emergency services, education and charitable causes. These funds are never used for any political purpose.

Individuals volunteer to serve as directors for the Operation Round Up Board. This volunteer board meets throughout the year to review applications and to decide which causes to support.

The average monthly contribution is $.50 per month or $6 per year. To date, 76 percent of CCEC's members are involved with the program, which raises more than $90,000 each year. Many CCEC employees participate in a program we call Operation Round Down, which rounds our paychecks down to the nearest dollar. These funds are then added to the Operation Round Up foundation.


Board Position Openings

Operation Round Up currently has a vacancy for the District 4 director position. If you are interested in applying for a Director position on the Operation Round Up board, download and complete the application form located below or contact Linda Otterson at lotterson@kwh.com or 701.356.4401 to request an application.

Directors are elected for a three-year term. Nominees in District 4 must be a bona fide resident of the director district in which they are seeking directorship (see District Map below). The applications of all candidates who submit the required information in the time specified will be presented to the Operation Round Up Board of Directors. Completed applications are due by Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

Download director application packet

District map


Frequently Asked Questions

"Will this duplicate other assistance programs already available?"
We do not intend for Operation Round Up to duplicate any other assistance program. It is intended for purposes for which there is no other source of assistance.

"Will the funds be used within our service area only?"
The majority of the funds will be used for projects in the areas and communities we serve. Certain projects, such as assistance to emergency service organizations, could conceivably benefit some people who are not members of CCEC.

"How do people or organizations request a donation?"
Individuals or organizations can request an application by calling Linda Otterson at 701-356-4401, or e-mailing at lotterson@kwh.com for an application packet. The completed applications will be reviewed by the volunteer Operation Round Up board and funding decisions will be made based on the applications.

"How do I enroll or withdraw from Operation Round Up?"
Contact Cass County Electric's member accounting department at 800-248-3292 or e-mail info@kwh.com.

Operation Round Up is a great benefit to our service area because it's based on the most vital cooperative principle: People doing together what can't be done individually.


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