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Want to save money on your heating bills? Consider our residential off-peak programs. Our off-peak heating rates are competitive. Our most popular program is dual heat. With dual heat, you have electric heat and/or a heat pump running most of the time. When market electricity prices are high, an off-peak device in your home automatically switches you from your electric source to a backup source such as natural gas, propane or fuel oil.

Thousands of members also have off-peak water heater control, which saves them a lot of money on their water heating costs. There are two types of control – long-term for water heaters 100 gallons or larger and short-term for water heaters less than 100 gallons. You also have a choice between off-peak metering with low off-peak rates or receiving a monthly energy credit.

You may also consider our air conditioner cycling program, which cycles your air conditioner 25 minutes on and 25 minutes off during peak summer demand. Members choosing this option can also choose between off-peak metering* with low off-peak rates or receiving a monthly energy credit.


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*Members must have an electric water heater and/or 5 kW of electric heat on off-peak to choose the off-peak metering option for cycled air conditioning.

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