Procedure for Member Concerns

The mission of Cass County Electric Cooperative is to serve our members' energy needs with afforable and reliable electricity.

The cooperative has always made an effort to be completely open and frank at all times with our member-owners and to be sensitive and responsive to their needs and concerns. Board policies covering requests for cooperative information (Policy 113) and requests for an audience with the board of directors (Policy 114) were formally established in February 1988 and reviewed/revised in 2013.

Procedure for Member Concerns

• Members will be readily provided information that directly affects their involvement in and patronage of the cooperative, such as rate schedules, service rules and regulations, articles of incorporation, the bylaws, published policies, operating statistics, member publications, their billing history, etc. If they have questions about any of this, they will be promptly answered.
• Other information will be provided, except that which is confidential or private information concerning the individuals employed by the cooperative.
• Information that is of a confidential corporate nature will not be provided to the membership.
• The members will be afforded every opportunity to meet with the president/CEO and/or his/her staff or other employees to resolve any concerns or problems.
• If the member or members feel after such a meeting they would like to meet with the board of directors to discuss such concerns or problems, they will be provided the opportunity to do so, after which the board will proceed with its meeting agenda. If the group is large, they may be requested to limit the group to a representative number.
• Either the president/CEO or the board chairman will advise the member or members of the decision or action of the board if the matter requires this.

The president/CEO shall see that every effort is made to satisfy the needs and concerns of the members, and if, after that, they request a meeting with the board, that request is scheduled at the beginning of the next board meeting.


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