Understanding Your Bill

How to read your bill

Account Information

Account Number: This is your CCEC account number. Please refer to this number when contacting our office.

Statement and Due Date: This represents the day your statement was printed and the date your payment is due in our office. For those members participating in our AutoPay program, this date is when the amount will be withdrawn from your account.

Billing Summary: Shows your payments, any other activity on your account and the amount due. For members participating in Budget Billing, your budget amount due appears here.

Special and/or important messages about products, services and events at CCEC.
Members who have a loan through CCEC will find a short summary here.
A message will appear here for those members participating in AutoPay.
A payment reminder or disconnect message will appear here if the account has an overdue balance.

Other Charges and Credits
This includes fees not directly associated with your usage, such as loan charges, heat generation charge, Infinity Wind Project and Operation Round Up.

Service Details
Represents information about the particular metered service, including the service description and rate.

Meter Reading Details
Summarizes information on your meter by showing the meter number, present and previous reading information and the dates in which the meter was read. You will also find days of service billed for the month.

Detail of Charges
This area shows all charges on your meter(s) for the month. The basic charge is the monthly charge that covers the cost of service drop, transformers, etc. The KWH revenue lines represent the charges for energy consumed during the billing period. The purchased power adjustment is a variable component calculated from the cooperative's monthly power cost. If you are participating in our off-peak programs, you will have more than one meter. The additional meter(s) will also have details of charges and a rate schedule.

Return Stub
The bottom third of your statement is the portion we ask that you mail back with your payment. Some members may see an area to write in their meter readings. Your account number and billing cycle also appear here. You will note the indicators if you have a loan with us (L), if you are on Budget Billing (B) or if your account is on AutoPay. By including this portion with your payment you can be assured accurate credit to the proper account. There is also an area provided if you need to update your address, correct your phone numbers or need a change in service. If you read your own meters, there will be a space for entering meter readings.

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