Becoming a CCEC director

Becoming a CCEC director

Make an electrifying impact in your community!

As a director of Cass County Electric Cooperative, you’ll serve as the liaison between your fellow members and co-op executive staff, providing guidance and oversight on co-op operations. Directors provide the vital service of voicing the needs of the membership and upholding the cooperative value of democratic member control.

“Being a director is challenging, educational, and requires a time commitment. We have the unique opportunity to set the vision for our cooperative, ensure our members get great service and quality power, and we emphasize safety as well as provide opportunities for our employees. What’s not to like?” – Marcy Svenningsen, board chair, Valley City

If you are a Cass County Electric member and are interested in becoming a Director, contact Karen Egeberg at 701.356.4405 for a director election petition packet. In compliance with Bylaw requirements, a petition, biographical information and such other information as the board or credentialing committee may require to establish and verify the qualifications of the proposed director to serve must be delivered to the Cooperative office no less than (90) days prior to the date of the Annual Member Meeting at which an election will be held.

Director nominees must be bona fide residents of the director district in which they are seeking directorship. (See District Map) The names of all candidates who submit the required information in the time and manner specified in Article III. Section 3.6 of the Bylaws will be submitted to a credentialing committee consisting of between three and eight members, as determined by the board of directors. The credentialing committee may require candidates to provide and verify additional information deemed relevant by the credentialing committee.