Off-Peak Program Details

Off-Peak Program Details

Cass County Electric Cooperative's off-peak program is designed to reduce energy use and save money during times of peak energy demand. Check out the categories below to learn about how your home or business may qualify for the program. To inquire about the off-peak program, please call Cass County Electric energy management department at 701.356.4400 or 1.800.248.3292

Dual Heat

  • Rate: $.051/kWh + Purchased Power Adjustment (PPA) + $5.00 meter charge per month
  • Electric heating systems: electric forced air, plenum heater, boiler, heat pump, baseboard, cove heat, slab heat, ceiling heat.
  • Capable of interruption for extended periods of time, possibly 24 hours/day.
  • All living spaces must have adequate and automatic non-electric backup (see Backup Heating Systems).
  • One thermostat system is recommended.
  • Shop/garage heat is not required to have a backup, through we strongly recommend it.
  • Electric water heaters, central AC, and heat pumps are eligible for off-peak rates.
  • Non-qualifying off-peak loads include: clothes dryers, dishwashers, hot tubs, pool heaters, room air conditioners, and warm tiles.
  • CCEC provides meter socket, CTs, and ripple control.

Back Up Heating Systems

  • Must be able to maintain 65° F temperature throughout home or business.
  • Must be thermostatically controlled. Non-automated backups such as wood, corn, kerosene, used oil, outdoor wood stoves, etc. are not considered an adequate backup system.
  • Natural gas, fuel oil, or propane forced air or boiler systems are the most common backup heating systems.
  • A single gas fireplace or electric room thermal storage heater cannot be used as the only backup.
  • The off-peak meter will not be set in homes that do not have an adequate back-up system.

Main Panel Electric Heat

  • Main panel electric heat and off-peak electric heat cannot serve the same space (with exception).
  • Up to 2kW of electric heat is allowed in main panel. Example: bathroom heater, warm tile floor heat, etc.
  • Plug-in heaters are not allowed as a backup heating source.

Under Floor Heating

  • Should be in 4"-6" of sand to qualify for off-peak rate.
  • Should be sized for 16+ hours/day of load control. Call CCEC for sizing options.
  • Use floor sensing thermostats vs. air thermostats for hyrdronic and cable heat.

Air Conditioning

  • Cycled air conditioning on an off-peak meter is 6.8 cents per kWh + Purchased Power Adjustment (June-September).
  • Cycled air conditioning on the main meter receives a $7.00 monthly credit (June-August).
  • Controlled 25 minutes off / 25 minutes on during peak conditions in the summer..
  • Applies to central air conditioners only.

Heat Pumps/Mini-Splits

  • Air source heat pumps must be in the off-peak panel and controlled.
  • We do not require the cooling side of a heat pump to be controlled, though the heat must be controlled.
  • The cooling side is controlled 25 minutes off / 25 minutes on during peak conditions in the summer (June-September).
  • We recommend the mini-split heat pump is in the off-peak panel and controlled to receive the lower off-peak rate. If the mini-split heat pump is under two tons, it can be in the main panel and uncontrolled.

Electric Vehicles

  • Must be controlled and sub-metered. Only Level 2 - 240v dedicated charging circuits qualify..
  • Control is cycled daily for winter and summer:
    • Winter: charge times are 12pm (noon) - 5pm and 11pm – 7am
    • Summer: charge times are 12am (midnight) – 10am.
  • Call our energy management team to ask about the available off-peak rate and charger installation rebates.

Water Heating

Short-term control (for water heaters less than 100 gallons)

Details: Controlled up to 4 hr. at a time, up to twice/day, no summer control

On off-peak meter: First 400 kWh at 6.8* cents


On main meter: $6.50/month credit (min. use of 300 kWh)

Long-term control (for water heaters greater than 100 gallons)

Details: Cycled from 7a-12p and 5p-11p daily Nov-Apr, control possible in summer

On off-peak meter: First 400 kWh at 5.1* cents


On main meter: $13/month credit

*All rates subject to Purchased Power Adjustment

Water heaters on off-peak cannot be used with circulating pumps, unless the pump is tied to the ripple control.

Energy Credits

  • Members who install an air-source or ground-source heat pump and place it on off-peak are eligible to receive a $150 energy credit that would be applied to their electric bill after a CCEC technician has documented the account.
  • Members who install a 100 gallon or larger water heater will receive a $150 energy credit applied to their electric bill if the water heater is on off-peak control. Water heater must be controlled long-term for one year or $150 will be applied back on account.
  • All documentation for credits must be submitted to CCEC within the year the work was done.