Power Quality

Computers and other electronic equipment found in nearly every home and business are susceptible to surges in voltage and current. These surges may show up as minor voltage spikes, short power interruptions or current distortions that are difficult to find, even if you know where to look.Surge protector

Lightning strikes to homes or nearby locations are a primary cause of damage to equipment. Other causes, like voltage spikes and multiple grounding paths can also create problems. Even minor surges can create a malfunction that can require a device to be reset or possibly cause permanent damage. While there are different causes for surges, it is the responsibility of the homeowner/ building owner to protect against them.

The surge protection system outlined in this article could apply to nearly any residential or commercial setting as well as agricultural buildings.

A properly installed transient surge suppression system includes several levels of protection. No single surge protection device can protect all the equipment in a building from all causes of electrical surges. Instead, a whole-building protection strategy, consisting of point-of-entry and point-of-use devices, is necessary to help guard against disturbances from inside and outside the home.