Solar Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prairie Sun Community Solar (PSC Solar)?
PSC Solar will be a 102kW solar array, consisting of 324 solar panels, owned by Cass County Electric Cooperative. The array is located on city of Fargo land near the 5400 block of 63rd St. S. in Fargo. Construction was completed in September of 2016.

Who can participate?
Any Cass County Electric Cooperative member, regardless of location, may participate in the program. Subject to review of account standing.

How much does it cost to participate?
$700 for each full panel
$350 for each half panel
$30 per month per full panel for 24 months - payable on electric bill
$15 per month for 24 months for a half panel - payable on electric bill

What does this cost cover?
The cost of panel(s) covers construction, installation, and interconnection of the array. The cost also covers all maintenance and insurance expenses over the entire 20-year span of the project.

What are the benefits of participating in community solar?
When you participate in community solar, you’re choosing an alternative to fossil-fuel consumption. Solar energy is clean and renewable. Additionally, monthly credits will be calculated based on the current electric rate. That means if rates increase, your solar credit will too.

How much credit will I receive?
Based on today’s electric rate, the average solar credit from one panel will come to around $35 per year.

The rated power output per solar panel(s) allotted to each member is divided by the rated output for the entire array. This is then multiplied by the array’s total power production each month, resulting in each member’s monthly kWh credit. One full panel is projected to provide a credit of 10-45 kWh per month, meaning your credit will likely vary from month to month due to weather and time of year. Credits will be calculated based on the current rate, so if rates increase, your solar credit will too.

How much solar power can I purchase?
The output from any number of panels may be purchased, so long as purchased panel output does not exceed 75 percent of the account’s lowest monthly energy usage.

Are there tax incentives available for participating in community solar?
Since members will purchase the output of panels and not the panels themselves, no tax incentives will be available for participating.

How does community solar compare to installing solar panels on my home?
With PSC Solar, you don’t have to worry about assembling or wiring your solar power—CCEC will take care of that for you. The panels in the PSC Solar array are rated to last at least 20 years and CCEC will handle all maintenance requirements during that time. All you have to do to begin receiving solar power is sign up. This is a perfect program for those interested in solar power who may not be able to install their own panels, such as those living in apartments or condos.

How can I sign up for community solar?
View the panel reservation page to complete a web-based reservation form. Once we receive your completed reservation form, we will issue you an official Energy Credit Agreement. Upon returning your Energy Credit Agreement, payment will be required and your purchase will be finalized.

What happens at the end of the project?
After 20 years, the project will officially end. Though it’s difficult to glance ahead 20 years, it is entirely possible that a new project may begin at that time.

What if I move or no longer wish to participate?
If you move anywhere within CCEC's service territory, your solar credits will move with you. If you move off of CCEC's service territory, or if you no longer wish to participate in community solar, you can transfer or sell your panel(s) and credits to another CCEC member or CCEC will buy back your panel(s) at a depreciated rate.