Plug Into Safety in May

May is National Electrical Safety Month, when we take extra time to talk about the dangers of electricity and ways to keep safe around it. Electricity is a necessity in modern life, and we use it every day without even thinking about it. But what we need to power the tools, gadgets, and appliances that make our lives easier can be incredibly dangerous if used improperly.

CCEC congratulates new journeymen

At CCEC’s company-wide employee information meetings in March, lineworkers Joey Strauss and Blake Hoover were recognized for obtaining journeyman status. Strauss and Hoover were required to complete 8,000 hours of on-the-job training, complete the lineworker certification program, and obtain approval from the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.


What uses watt?

Use the chart below to get an idea of how appliance in your home contribute to your monthly electric bill.

*Typical wattage and estimated hours per month are samples. Actual wattage and use will vary. Consult the information panel on your appliances for specific wattages. **Based on national average.


An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

While our region is experiencing stunning growth, this certainly hasn’t always been the case. In the 1990s and early 2000s, this area was in the midst of a “brain drain,” the term used to describe the trend of students leaving after graduation. Since those times, things have turned around, but why?