Be Prepared for Winter’s Wrath

Be Prepared for Winter’s Wrath

Cass County Electric Cooperative strives to provide you with reliable, uninterrupted service every day of the year, but sometimes Mother Nature creates unavoidable power outages. We want you to remain safe during severe winter weather, so consider preparing now for the possibility of power outages this winter.

Outage Safety:
Mother Nature isn’t always kind to power lines. Winter winds, snow and ice sometimes prove to be too much for utility poles and power lines. If you see a downed power line or utility pole, contact Cass County Electric Cooperative immediately. Do not go near the line or the pole. Lines on the ground may still be live and dangerous.

Report an outage:
Because power outages can’t be totally eliminated, Cass County Electric Cooperative offers these steps to follow if an outage occurs:

  • Check your own fuses and circuit breakers first. If nothing has been tripped, report the outage at 701.356.4499.
  • If outage is widespread, your call may be directed to our interactive voice response system (IVR). If your phone number is linked to your Cass County Electric account, IVR will automatically send your information to our outage management system (OMS). This will help technicians pinpoint the outage.
  • Be sure your current email address and phone number are on your account. This will allow you to receive faster outage information and updates from us.

During an outage:
To prevent an overload on the system while power is being restored, take these steps:

  • Turn off every inside light except one.
  • Turn down your thermostat.
  • Make sure your kitchen range is off, both the surface and the oven.
  • Turn off all unnecessary appliances and unplug sensitive electronic equipment.
  • When power comes back on, slowly switch your appliances and lights back on and gradually return your thermostat to its normal setting.