Electric Vehicles

Investing in Reliability

As an area develops and grows, the skyline changes. In south Fargo and West Fargo, a flurry of expansion has left things looking much different than they did 10 years ago. While the most notable change to the horizon in this area is the recently completed Sanford hospital along Interstate 94, another large project meant to support the area’s overall growth is resulting in a few changes as well.

Grants awarded to rural communities

One of the founding principles that cooperatives abide by is commitment to community. Co-ops are often actively engaged in the communities they serve, be it through volunteering or financial donations. Cass County Electric Cooperative takes pride in our efforts to serve our communities with electricity and in many other ways that go beyond the job. Cooperatives also focus on partnering with other cooperatives.

Skilled trades, strong communities

It takes the skills and knowledge of many different people to support the growth of any area. The rapid development and expansion of the Fargo-Moorhead area has supported hundreds, likely thousands of jobs. From the planners, engineers, and overseers of such a project, to the doers – the laborers and others out in the field, taking on the physical toll of development. Each role is as critical as the next, but demands in the latter category have begun outpacing the number of available employees.

Control History

Red Zone - these are times when our power supplier Minnkota Power is above their peak capacity and market conditions are very expensive, or when there is a plant or line emergency during a billing or a certification. During the red zone times, commercial generators are run, irrigation sites are directly shut down, and any power left on is subject to the billing demand incremental pricing plan (BDIPP) charge.